"Glue is one of the unsexiest things on earth" 

Alexander Francke gave insight into the marketing of FMCG 

Alexander Francke, Director International Business and Member of the Board of Directors, UHU Klebstoffe Deutschland, gave insight into the marketing of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and shared his knowledge of practical international marketing and sales.

“Glue is one of the unsexiest things on earth, so I found this was the right challenge after having done marketing for cosmetics.” Mr. Francke was previously General Manager of the L’Oréal brand Redken in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

In an interactive analysis, the students could put into practice what they learned in their lecture “International Marketing” of Prof. Kai Saldsieder: how to proceed if you are responsible for 125 countries and one third of the turnover of the company?

UHU does not only produce the glue for mass markets like paper glue, superglue, all purpose adhesives etc., there are also other profitable businesses like industrial glue for the production of Daimler’s Maybach and the Airbus.

He also talked about problems UHU is dealing with in different international markets, because of toxic solvents or the problem of fighting counterfeits. Therefore, he assigned projects to MBA students to work on topics as “Entertaining and Handling the traditional Trade” and “Active Protection of Brands against Counterfeits” last winter semester.

80% of sales of the all purpose glue or glue stick is made in the “back to school” season, namely from June to August. Their current campaign to emotionalize the glue is the Smurfs campaign for school kids.





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